The Roles of a Mentor

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In 2004, David Clutterbuck, co-founder and lifetime ambassador of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, coined a useful acronym for what mentors do: Manage the relationship Encourage Nurture Teach Offer mutual respect Respond to the learner’s needs At first, the mentor is likely to take responsibility for developing the relationship, …

How old is mentoring?

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How old is mentoring? When and where did it all start? According to the Greek Odyssey, a loyal adviser of Odysseus entrusted with the care and education of Telemachus. This original ‘Mentor’ was appointed by Odysseus to act as tutor and guide to his son Telemachus while Odysseus was fighting in Troy. …

The Key Aspects of Mentoring

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Although it is considered possible for a line manager to also be a mentor to the people that he or she manages unlike a line management relationship such as this, mentoring relationships tend to be voluntary on both sides, and often with a third party. Unlike a typical coaching relationship, …

New tax forum for start-ups

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An online forum for start ups and small business owners has been launched by HMRC. The Small Business Forum is divided into three categories: starting your business, growing your business and managing your business. Registered forum users can post questions about filing tax returns, paying tax and using HMRC’s digital …

Making meetings more productive with this one addon

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For most of us in business and management, meetings they are a significant part of our working week, often taking up 40 to 50% of our time. There are many helpful suggestions out there for improving the value of meetings, such as keeping them short and ‘on point’, only relevant attendees, and sticking to a strict agenda.

Premium cross-device password manager is now free

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Formerly premium secure password management company “LastPass” is making its password manager a much better option for people who don’t want to pay – It’s now open to everyone the ability to sync passwords between an unlimited number of devices — something that used to be available only to premium …

Does dyslexia count as a disability?

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Dyslexia is a life long condition that affects around 10% of adults in the UK with many people with the condition being undiagnosed. Dyslexics have trouble processing and remembering information they see and hear. This can affect their learning and literacy skills. It has different levels of severity and it can affect …

Do we really have to carry out staff appraisals?

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So the question is… Are we as employers, legally required to carry out staff appraisals? The simple answer is no, there is no legal requirement currently for an employer to carry out employee appraisals. However, you really should, for all sorts of reasons. An appraisal system does not need to …