Helpful webinars from HMRC

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HMRC is providing some helpful seminars covering areas such as claiming the right expenses, budgeting and self-employed National Insurance contributions. Delegates can ask questions using the on-screen text box during all of our live webinars. If you haven’t joined a webinar before? This guide will tell you what you need to …

What is a Kanban Board?

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What is a Kanban Board? A Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that helps you optimize your processes and track the progress of each task, no matter how complex they are. Simple Kanban boards consist of three columns labeled To Do, In Progress, and Done. Each column represents a different stage in …

The rise of the Olderpreneurs

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Research has revealed that far from taking it easy in the run-up to retirement, more baby boomers are launching new enterprises than they did a decade ago. Having looked at the demographics of a million plus business banking customers…

Great feedback from our August business breakfast

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Thanks for all the positive feedback and testimonials from members and guests of our meeting on 16th. 25 of us enjoyed breakfast, banter, introductions and an interactive talk by this months guest speaker. Many thanks to Jon Yates for his engaging presentation on Dorset Community Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy. Links …

Paying mileage allowance to contractors

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Did you know that if you trade through a limited company, then you can pay yourself or your employees a mileage allowance for business journeys made in their own vehicle car using HMRC’s approved rates. If you use these rates then any mileage allowance payments made will be tax and NIC free for the employee and your company can claim a tax deduction. HOWEVER…

Be safe, be on top of Product Recalls

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Faulty products can put your health, safety and even your life at risk, but keeping up with product recalls usually entails continuously looking out for an easily missed announcement in the press, online, etc.  Product Recall is a new Government website that brings together new and past announcements about various product recalls….

Start your day with a shimmy

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Another great morning with our partners, members and friends at The Boardroom Network’s BBQ breakfast at the Italian Villa. Andy Edwards was being his usual introvert self demonstrating the burlesque method to start the day. You can read the whole story on this page.

Upping your spend on IT security?

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Following the spate of cyber attack on the NHS and UK businesses, there may be pressure on you to spend more on data protection and security. In reality, do you need to? Login to our members’ intranet to read this case study and the solution to the issue.

How to create “customers for life”

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We’ve just added a new guide to the library our member’s intranet on the various techniques and marketing strategies on how to attract and keep customers for life. The book looks at how successful companies give themselves a successful competitive advantage in the following ways:

Salary Sacrifice: New Guidance

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HMRC has clarified the transitional rules for salary sacrifice arrangements, which are less generous than they first seemed. Recap on the transitional rules Look out for the trap Variations Payroll implications Premium & Pro members: Login to your members intranet for the full rundown, comments and links to specialist guidance.

Talk on the PAC behavioural model

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Many thanks to Richard Winterbourne of ABT (Addition Behavioural Therapies) for an interesting insight into how we behave and communicate at work. Despite the projector dying, Richard used, with examples, the P.A.C. model of Transactional Analysis Effective Communication to illustrate how we communicate with each other in the workplace, doing do …