finance,  funding
& investment

accessing via fellow members, services and facilities for financing and funding your business, finding investment capital, cashflow finance, and even the purchase of goods and services without taking cash from your business.

The business borrowing and commercial finance marketplace is large and potentially daunting with so many different types of financial services available from so many differing sources. 

You need someone you can access and talk with in plain English without the jargon and sales pitch. As a member we will work with you to unlock funds and providing you with the capital, investment and cashflow to lubricate your business and/or projects

invoice finance
business banking
commercial funding
property loans

private investors
peer to peer lending
crowdsourced funding
asset finance

cashflow finance

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Unlocking unpaid invoices

Financing unpaid invoices can be an effective way of releasing cash that is locked up in these  invoices you are waiting on. The market is constantly evolving and the choice of providers and options can be bewildering. We will guide you and advise on the most suitable course of action to take.

Crowdsourced funding

Crowdfunding, also known as Peer To Peer lending, is now a  completely established, reputable and proven method of raising finance without the need for high street banks or lenders. The capital comes from private individuals who invest into these funds to lend to businesses to start, grow and innovate. Crowdsourcing has hit the headlines in terms of bring new products to market, but can be used for most aspects of business borrowing.

Business banking services

The computer doesn’t always “says no!” We all know that dealing with banks has become more difficult over the last few years and sometimes even established banking relationships become frayed however the banks assure us that lending is on the rise, and we are more than happy to introduce you to those banks we engage with on behalf of our members.

Investors & business angels

Our investors network operates across the south of England, bringing entrepreneurs, investors and business catalysts together to accelerate the growth of both start-up businesses, established businesses looking for capital to grow, and innovation.

Business bank exchange

A client account that works along side your existing bank account and doesn’t replace your cash business but gives you the ability to raise additional revenue, and buy in the goods and services you want or need in such a way as to leave your cash in your business.

Government funding

There are a number of Government-backed support and finance options for business, including: grants, finance and loans, business support e.g. mentoring, consultancy, as well as funding for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups

Asset finance

Asset Finance allows you to spread the cost of fixed asset purchases. Whether you are looking to grow your business or improve efficiency, investment in fixed assets can often be the most cost and tax efficient answer.

Property finance

Whether you are simply looking to buy your own commercial property and move away from renting, or you are a property investor, then we have a number of ways to achieve this by using the resources of other members who specialise in property and commercial borrowing and investment.


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