90 Day Challenge Programme …

… for Directors and Senior Managers


This is a unique programme only available to members of the Directors Peer Support Network (DPSN).

Developed as a result of years of experience it is a systemic approach that helps you reflect on your present perceptions and then to create new and lasting habits that have a really positive impact on you and your business.

This programme is;

  1. Challenging – designed to help you a become better manager, director, practitioner and decision maker – it is not a training course, it is not a networking group.
  2. Based entirely on your reality, and not an academic exercise in leadership.
  3. Achieved in “bite sized chunks” with successes being the platform for more success.

Programme Structure

Why a “90 days’ challenge”?

Research has shown that it takes around 90 days for new behaviours to become sufficiently habitual that they replace old behaviours. Support and feedback are vital during this period of change and the programme ensures you have all the tools you need to make longer-term changes to the way you work.
The three interdependent modules offer a unique experience packed with practical advice and tools designed to provide maximum value for you AND your business.

Steve Barkers 90_Day_Challenge jigsaw pieces diagram


One-to-one Sessions

The one2ones build the foundations by helping you to create your unique agenda.

The sessions are a combination of structured and detailed self-appraisal followed by the use of techniques appropriate to the challenges you face.

The sessions will be very demanding and, where necessary, will be about ‘holding your feet to the fire’. Initial discussions focus on creating the agenda with the later sessions being used to ‘put things into practice’

Peer Group Meetings

The power of peer support and peer accountability is proven. The structure of the Peer Group within this programme is built around the concept of ‘Action Learning’- an enormous success in organisations, large and small throughout the world.
By having a diverse range of backgrounds within the Peer Group we ensure that everyone benefits from shared ideas, challenges and support. One of the fundamental aims of the peer group sessions is to help you develop the right skills in order to solve your own problems. The real impact is the momentum behind each individual knowing that their fellow members WILL hold them accountable.

Group Workshops

All too often busy managers find it difficult to lift up their eyes from the ‘today’ issues. When do you reflect on what may be round the corner or what may be coming in from left field.
The group workshop is a facilitator led day that is highly participative. A carefully selected guest speaker will challenge you to think about how you and your business will face up to the specific topic. The group will be encouraged to choose the subject of any or all of the workshops.
Our survey said 89% want to talk to someone with previous experience, 85% want someone with relevant experience, this absolutely guides our choice of presenter.

Continuing peer and professional support

The 90 day programme continues with a further ongoing peer and professional support for at least the following nine months.

Programme outputs

The 90 Day program is deliberately intended to be very intensive business issue led with the focus on taking on today’s challenges. Its purpose is to provide a high-octane boost to already successful senior managers who want to get better.

The major outputs for delegates will be to challenge their present perceptions and then to create new and lasting habits through

  1. Clarity about the imperatives that have to be addressed in the short term if business challenges are to be met.
  2. What strengths need to be amplified and weakness suppressed.
  3. The opportunity to face up to personal blockers for success and create a realistic agenda to address them.

“The price of being a sheep is boredom.
The price of being a wolf is loneliness”
Hugh Macleod


pose - steve barkerThe programme director is Steve Barker

Steve‘s early work background was in the UK Financial Services sector becoming HR Director for one of the biggest operating companies within the Lloyds Banking Group. He then became a partner in a highly successful specialist consultancy working with organisations undertaking major transition programs. Steve now focuses on working with individuals and small groups.

Throughout his personal and working life he has lived by the belief that we would all want the opportunity to achieve our full potential. At the very heart of this has to be the sheer determination to learn, develop, take risks and grow.

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