Do we really have to carry out staff appraisals?

Daniel Carey Uncategorized

So the question is… Are we as employers, legally required to carry out staff appraisals?

The simple answer is no, there is no legal requirement currently for an employer to carry out employee appraisals. However, you really should, for all sorts of reasons. An appraisal system does not need to be complicated, a simple two-way appraisal system is considered to be very good practice as it has many benefits. For example;

  • it demonstrates that you are taking an interest in your staff
  • they feel appreciated and valued
  • it can help you and them identify strengths and weaknesses
  • it is an aid to improving performance and working practices
  • it can uncover your staff”s career aspirations
  • it can highlight gaps in skills and knowledge across your business.

How often should appraisals be conducted?

In my opinion they should be conducted, at the very least, annually. Ideally I would suggest quarterly. There is even merit in conducting mini/update/interim appraisals monthly. It all depends how engaged you want to be with your staff and them with you.

So in conclusion, as an employer, even of one person, you are not legally obliged to carry out appraisals. They are completely optional.
However you should, you really, really should.