Don’t let the internet distract you anymore with an extension

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Don’t let the internet distract you anymore with StayFocusd

We’ve all managed to get distracted on many occasions while trying to finish an important piece of work. There is a useful Chrome extension called StayFocusd.

StayFocusd allows you to choose the periods of time in which you can surf certain pages. For example, you can set timers on Facebook which means it’ll only let you surf for a set amount of time.

Do you think this could help you? Here’s what you need to do:

1) Install the extension from this link.

2) You can then decide if you want to block certain pages after spending a set amount of time on them:

If you go to “Settings”, you can even choose the amount of time you’re can discipline yourself to stay on certain pages per day.



Extracted from “7 Awesome Tricks for Chrome That 99.9% of Users Don’t Know About


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