Great feedback from our August business breakfast

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Thanks for all the positive feedback and testimonials from members and guests of our meeting on 16th. 25 of us enjoyed breakfast, banter, introductions and an interactive talk by this months guest speaker.

Many thanks to Jon Yates for his engaging presentation on Dorset Community Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy. Links for more information about Jon or the Foundation: Jon’s profile | Dorset Community Foundation.

The business breakfast club is now in its 24th year. It is a not for profit business networking breakfast club and not a commercial venture. Rather than being a “speed dating with business cards” type of club of which there are several good ones such as The Boardroom Network, it is a club where the focus is on long term relationships, learning and business being done, not just between members, but also among members friends and acquaintances – genuine referrals being the name of the game.

Membership is £50 per year, Breakfasts are discounted to £10 and members plus a guest receive discounted tickets to our social events including the “Summerish BBQ”, The “Christmas Curry”, The “Annual Summer Walk”, and any dinners we may run from time to time. [Membership details]

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