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When you think about “interactive content”, think about it as a way to engage with your audience and have a conversation when a face-to-face dialogue isn’t possible.

Interactive content is a powerful tool for anyone marketing and promoting their goods and services to improve conversion rates, collect better prospect data, and increase leads, and ultimately sales.

interative content marketing imageThe key to success with interactive content is by integrating interactive experiences across as many platforms and channels as possible. Interactive content isn’t a new program or a new channel – rather, it works anywhere to boost results across the board.

This 32 page guide is designed to offer a high-level intro to interactive content, then dive into how interactive content works across all your marketing channels to boost results.

  • You will understand what interactive content is, with examples from the best B2B marketers using interactivity to engage their audiences.
  • You will learn how to use cases, from events and paid media to blogs and email campaigns, to illustrate how you could fold interactive content into any of your existing marketing programs.
  • The guide includes a walk-through of a sample cross-channel campaign incorporating both static and interactive content.

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