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Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) is urging all firms to have their say in its Quarterly Economic Survey, whether or not they are chamber members. Results from the survey are used to lobby government through the British Chambers of Commerce. They are also fed back to local councils, MPs and the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to inform decisions about development, funding and infrastructure.

DCCI chief executive Ian Girling said: “Recent surveys have identified such issues as skills shortages, housing needs and recruitment problems at a local level” “Responses about business confidence and sentiment have also been used by the BCC to lobby in the corridors of power and ensure the voice of business is heard.”   “It has never been so important for businesses to have their say, especially with Brexit negotiations due to begin.” “Dorset’s business community has an excellent reputation nationwide for its drive and entrepreneurial spirit. ““Our views are taken very seriously at local and national level and I would urge businesses of all sizes and types to take part. “For the short time it takes to fill in a survey form, there is a tremendous benefit for us as a Dorset business community and as a county.”

DCCI also uses the results to tailor the help it offers to its 800 members as well as feedback to such organisations as the LEP.

Lorna Carver, director of Dorset LEP, said: “Detailed information of this calibre is vital to help the LEP drive economic growth, jobs and skills. ““I would encourage all businesses to take part so we can have as accurate and persuasive information as possible to press the county’s case for funding and support.”

The questionnaire consists of a local element, the Dorset Economic Survey, and a national section, the BBC’s Quarterly Economic Survey, which is used by chambers across the country.

You can access the survey straightaway at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DorsetQES1  or visit the DCCI website for more information