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HMRC is providing some helpful seminars covering areas such as claiming the right expenses, budgeting and self-employed National Insurance contributions.
Delegates can ask questions using the on-screen text box during all of our live webinars.
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Self-employed help and support
Especially for sole traders and partnerships, our live webinar covers topics affecting small self-employed businesses, such as allowable and simplified expenses and budgeting for your tax bill.
We‌dn‌esd‌ay 2‌1 Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 1‌p‌m to 2p‌m             
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Business expenses for the self-employed
Find out what expenses are allowable including travel, overnight expenses, premises costs and using your own home. Discover how simplified expenses can save you time.
Fr‌id‌ay 2‌3 Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 1‌p‌m to 2p‌m
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VAT – now you’re registered
This live webinar will tell you about VAT rates, inputs and outputs, simple VAT accounting, online VAT returns and payments to HMRC.
Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 8‌ M‌ar‌c‌h – 1‌1a‌m to m‌id‌da‌y
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Getting started as an employer
Get to grips with payroll basics from telling HMRC you have a new employee, to understanding your employer responsibilities and paying HMRC. This live webinar has it all.
Fr‌id‌ay ‌9 M‌ar‌c‌h – 9a‌m to 1‌0a‌m 
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There are some webinars that have already taken place. You can catch up with our series of mini-webinars on business expenses for the self-employed:

Part 1 – What are allowable business expenses?
Part 2 – Common business expenses
Part 3 – Simplified expenses
Part 4 – Taxable profits