HMRC warning re iTunes Christmas gift card scam

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HMRC has issued a warning about a new scam using gift cards which is conning elderly and vulnerable people.

The scammers cold call their victims, impersonating an HMRC member of staff and telling them, often in an intimidating manner, that they owe significant amounts of tax. They say this tax can only be paid using digital vouchers and gift cards, including those used for Apple’s iTunes Store. They tell the victims to go and buy these vouchers, and read out the redemption code. The scammers then sell on the codes or use them to purchase high-value products.

HMRC do not accept payment of tax debts by way of vouchers of any kind.

If you suspect that you or a vulnerable or elderly relative has been the victim of this scam or a similar one, you should report it immediately to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use HMRC’s online fraud reporting tool.

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