How to make your organisation better, or even the best

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Here is a list of ten simple steps by behavioural safety specialist Peter Gibb, who, based on years of knowledge and experience from working with organisations all over the world, suggests how to make your business or organisation better, if not the best.

  1. Make the decision
    Strive to make your organisation a better place with better practices and with a good environment in which everyone can do good work.  Then, when you get better, you can go again and become an even better place!
  2. Positive things
    Do positive things, think positive thoughts; do something that enhances your organisation’s processes and makes them better.
  3. Everyone involved
    Ensure that everyone is involved in doing good work, not just the leaders.
  4. Confirm mutual interest
    Confirm that everyone is interested in doing good ‘stuff’ at work.  Get everyone to talk about good ‘stuff’, good practices and being better, whether they are the leaders or not.
  5. Do good work
    Doing good work is what you do and not a series of projects and initiatives.
  6. Do good things
    Doing good things, such as regularly introducing something new or changing something that could be improved.  Practice being good at what you do.
  7. Be good, do better
    If you are a leader, be good, do better, and others will be inspired to do the same.
  8. Leading
    When doing good work, everyone can be a leader.
  9. Trust
    Trust everyone; that is, trust everyone to do good work, to perform well and to strive to get better.  See number 7.
  10. Commit
    Commit to doing good, doing better, being better.
Peter Gibb & Safenett

Safety behaviourist Peter Gibb is the brains behind SafeNett, a consultancy that helps any individual, business or organisation to identify itself what it can do to increase performance and effectiveness, quality and safety. SafeNett trains and coaches people to get things right!

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