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HR is more than just compliance

HR should be more than just complying with the regulations, it should be about make sure what is probably your biggest asset, your people, are looked after, are an integral part of the business, work efficiently and contribute to the bottom line and growth of the business. Smaller businesses can fall below the standards they would like t perform at, both in compliance and managing people simply because, as the legislation applies to all businesses no matter how big or small, the cost of compliance and the resources of management is proportionally higher for smaller businesses.


Even the larger businesses from time to time need to up their game or resolve something. This is why this HR and employment channel exists, to provide members of our professional network of business people and managers, access to all that they need to stay “on the front foot and perform better”

Peer & Professional Support

Use the HR & Employment Law Channel

Our dedicated HR & Employment law hub/platform/forum for premium members works on PCs, Smartphones and Tablets. All premium members can use this channel to access information, advice & guidance both from other members and from the downloads library. (See below)

  • access, read, copy and paste or download resources such as specimen documents, self assessments, checklists, templates and guides. (see below)
  • discuss issues with Subject matter experts using the online forum
  • arrange telephone, online or face to face support
  • discuss issues with other members using the forum
  • join a HR & Employment specific Special Interest Group/Network
  • connect with other members and message them directly
  • attend HR related events and activities
  • arrange mentoring, coaching, consultancy and other products and services from the marketplace
  • access training, courses and qualifications via the members marketplace
  • offer their own products and services to other members via the marketplace

Join, connect, communicate and collaborate with our other members within the channel.

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Channel Contents

Member to Member chat/direct messaging
Connect, chat and converse with other members both within the HR & Employment Law channel as well as in the All Members channel.

Dedicated subject specific forum
All premium members:

  • can join the HR & Employment Law Forum.
  • can apply to join other subject specific forums
  • are automatically members of the ‘All Members’ forum for all general business and Management related matters

Special Interest Groups
Join a private special interest group for HR and Employment related matters Use this group for asking for advice, guidance, information help and support from other members across the channel.

Be completely aware of whats going on in the HR & Employment Law Channel and across the whole members platform by using/viewing the activity stream – the platform publishes everything that is going on between members within the channel.

  • Set bookmarks and reminders for content you want to save and revisit later
  • copy and paste links from pages and resources you want to share with others.
  • Search across the whole channel for key words and phrases
  • The channel supports #hashtags and @names. Notifications alert you immediately whenever somebody @mentions you, chats with you, or comments on anything you have published/posted.
  • Optionally receive email notifications when you are logged out of the channel. You can even reply by email to automatically insert your comment directly into the discussion!

Become an Authority yourself
This is an ideal platform for authority marketing. If you want to be an “influencer” or be regarded as an authority on the subject, you can gravitate members towards you simply by being active on the platform and helpful to other members. There is a market-place where you could be listed as an approved provider of services and products. You can also elect to have your business published in our business directory.

A word on Security
Our platform communicates with our providers servers through a secured connection protected by 256 bit encryption. There is no direct access to the database outside of their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and all database queries are parameterized. Security is enforced on the server side, so there is no way to “hack” the client-side JavaScript to bypass security.

Subject Specific Pages
Create your own pages and access resources published by the channel and other members. You can share news, resources, information for discussion and keep other members informed simply by posting content onto your own pages within the hub*. These pages can be shared between yourself and individuals you are conversing with, or shared across members of a special interest group or shared will all members within the channel(s)

Forms & Templates
Downloadable documents and/or pages to copy and paste from for:
• Absence self-certification form
• Alternative work offer letter
• Annual Leave Request Form
• Misconduct – notice of disciplinary meeting
• Reignation acknowledgement letter
• Staff handbook introduction

Guides & Reference
Documents for reading online and/or downloading including:
• ACAS Code Of Practice
• Agency Workers Regulations Guidance
• Job Application Guidance Notes
• Staff handbook guidelines

* This is SO easy to do – open a new page and type directly into it or paste your text in from somewhere else. You can then choose who can view your page, and you can also copy a link to that page to send/share with other members.

Policies & Procedures
Downloadable documents and/or pages to copy and paste from for:
• Data Protection Policy
• Drug & Alcohol Policy
• Rejecting Holiday Request letter
• Timekeeping Policy
• Adoption leave and pay policy
• Anti-bribery & Corruption policy
• Appraisal policy
• Bonus payment clause
• Capability procedure
• Career breaks policy
• Cars and car allowances policy
• Cash handling policy
• Catering facilities policy
• CCTV policy
• Clear desk policy
• Commission payments clause
• Compassionate leave clause
• Computer policy
• Conduct policy
• Confidentiality clause
• Corporate hospitality policy
• Credit and charge card usage clause
• Data protection policy
• Dependency Time off
• Dignity at work policy
• Disciplinary procedure
• Domestic emergencies policy
• Domestic violence policy
• Dress & appearance policy
• E-mail and Internet policy
• Enhanced redundancy payments (ERP) policy
• Equal opportunities policy
• Fire safety policy
• Flexible job duties clause
• Garden leave wording
• Gifts from clients/suppliers policy
• Grievance procedure
• Health and safety policy
• Holidays policy
• Intellectual property wording
• Job-share clause
• Lay-off and short time working clause
• Leave of absence policy
• Loans policy
• Lone working policy
• Long service awards policy
• Maternity policy
• Mediation policy
• Mobility and relocation clause
• On-call work clause
• Other benefits in kind clause
• Outside business interests clause
• Overtime and time off in lieu clause
• Paternity leave policy
• Pay in lieu of notice clause
• Personal property usage clause
• Personal relationships at work policy
• Probation period clause
• Promotion policy
• Provision of accommodation policy
• Recruitment policy
• Redundancy policy
• Reimbursement of expenses policy
• Religious observance policy
• Relocation policy
• Requirement to travel clause
• Resignation policy
• Restrictions on authority clause
• Retirement clause
• Retirement policy
• Right to search policy
• Shared parental leave and pay policy
• Sickness absence policy
• Social media policy
• Stress at work policy
• Telephone policy
• Third party pressure to dismiss clause
• Timekeeping policy
• Training and development policy
• Unauthorised absence policy
• Use of company equipment policy
• Whistleblowing policy
• Working at home policy
• Working time regulations policy

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