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a dedicated lead generation and sales platform
an online marketplace for members
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To help you effectively market yourself and your business we have resources and facilities to help you achieve the maximum return on your investment in time and effort.

Apps, platforms, resources and other members are available to help you grow your business through marketing, lead generation, loyalty & reward programmes and customer service

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How can we help you, our member, to grow your business through more effective
lead generation, marketing, sales and repeat business?


networking, membership
& special interest groups

We are a network of business owners, managers and professionals who connect and collaborate with each other, both online and face to face.

We are complimented by a number of networking and business support groups, running over 50 events a year between us.

peer & professional
information, resources & support

Information, advice, guidance, answers, referrals and signposting from other members and the professional bodies we partner with.

Premium members can access the members hub to access peer and professionally supplied resources.

Keep yourself current and out of trouble with updates on tax, health & safety, HR, employment law, business admin, etc.

resources, apps,
hubs & platforms

Options for active marketing, sales and customer service.

An online marketplace, and a business exchange trading hub for buying and selling goods and services, leaving cash in the business.

Also a dedicated marketing and customer service platform dedicated to customer management, service, loyalty and  business.

More on these apps below…

B2B Marketing App & Platform

As a business you may have have unfilled appointments, down-time, unfilled tables, places and rooms, and so on. These are a drain on your business, and will be worth nothing at all tomorrow.

Or you may have have unsold stock, equipment, plant and machinery. Office, retail and storage space costs real money to keep, and disposing of any surplus or unwanted items creates additional cost.

The question is, how do you deal with either of these issues AND get new leads & customers? reduce your costs & overheads? and keep your cash in your business?

How many of these boxes can you tick?

You have…
  • unfilled appointments or empty/spare time in your calendar?
  • surplus or unused goods/stock?
  • spare equipment, furniture, plant, etc?
  • unsold/unfilled places at your events, courses?
  • empty tables, unfilled bookings, unsold rooms?
  • goods and services you want to sell as a promotion – to tempt new customers?
And you want to …
  • generate new leads, customers, referrals & repeat business
  • reduce your business costs
  • keep more cash in your business
  • fill those seats, places, tables & rooms
  • have built-in promotion and advertising to a network of other members and business owners
  • be invited to regular networking and business to business events
The solution…

Would it not be better to exchange all of this for trade pounds or business credit so that you can buy in new goods and services, and attract new customers and business-to-business opportunities without spending cash from out of your business?

As a member we will help you to become more lean, be more creative, be switched on to using your spare capacity to grow your business more effectively.

Service, loyalty & rewards

A dedicated marketing and customer service platform dedicated to customer management, service, loyalty and business.

Some examples of the return on investment…
“39.34% redemption rate of an individual offer sent”
“34% increase in retail sales from one campaign”
“Up to 971% ROI on a marketing campaign”
“Increased engagement on Facebook by 94% in 4 days”
“Boost in sales by signing up 266 loyalty club members in 3 months”
“An impressive Email Open Rate of 35.8%”

This platform provides the all-in-one solution to your marketing needs. Our simple to use, automated marketing platform provides an environment to manage and deliver regular communications to your customers in an efficient way that builds their loyalty.

You can communicate with your customers via the platform, 24/7, sending personalised offers to encourage them to return to your business time and time again. As well as pre-built campaigns, you can also send one-off offers to increase footfall and sales at quieter times, in addition to rewarding your customers with points and incentives to acknowledge their loyalty.

Proven experience has led to increases in up to 1060% in users return on their marketing investment. With easy, real time statistics showing the performance of every campaign, users can be sure that they are spending their marketing budget in the most effective way.

  • Built-in cloud based CRM to access from anywhere
  • Optional tablet for CRM & web terminal app
  • Campaign builder and library
  • Loyalty system, loyalty cards and app
  • Offers & Rewards manager
  • SMS, emails, A5 postcards & letters to selected customers regarding repeat business, referrals, introductions
  • Management portal and dashboard
  • Design & printing options for physical items

One of our members, Chris Peacock, runs this platform on behalf of our members. He is also able to provide members with professional email design, copy writing, website development and social media management services so that our members can focus on what they do best; running their business.

Online Marketplace

More and more people wish to support their local retailers, but enjoy the convenience of buying online. The online marketplace provides the ideal solution, especially for local businesses who don’t yet have online shops or e-commerce solutions.

Buying locally and online

Customers can purchase online and then either call and collect, or have their purchases delivered.

By purchasing products through the Marketplace they will be supporting you, a local business.

Sell your goods online

Channel team …

This marketing and customer service channel is managed by …

  • Peter Eales
  • Paul Hughes
Featured Members …

We have a number of members who specialise in sales, marketing and customer service.

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