Business Currency Account

Offer for premium members *

B&MW premium members can add a business currency account worth £397 to their account free of charge. Use the B&MW Business Currency Account to find new customers, save money, and keep cash/working capital in your business. 

* It is cheaper for free members to upgrade to business membership and enjoy all the additional features and benefits than to apply for this card account just on its own.

Trade pounds/business currency/reciprocal trade account

  • Guaranteed new customers !
  • Increase in turnover and better bottom line
  • Up to £100,000 BBX interest free credit facility to help fund growth
  • Buying discounts of up to 85% on a mass of everyday business and personal items
  • An affiliate program where you can earn a massive passive monthly income by sharing with other members
  • Buy with confidence from a fully rated market place from previous customer experience
  • Dedicated account manager who promotes your business
  • Lock out 80% of your competitors as we have business category freeze at 20%
  • Regular local regional and national events to showcase your business

Premium members can have a trade currency credit & debit card, normally costing £397, including a web-app/online account dashboard, as well as a dedicated account manager who understands you and your business. This allows you to save cash and keep cash in your business, by instead, buying and selling goods and services with trade credit. Powered by the Business Bank Exchange this is the largest trade currency platform of its kind in the world.

This card, which comes with an unsecured and interest free line of credit, allows you to buy in goods and services in kind or ‘in exchange’ rather than take cash or capital out of your business – which has obvious advantages for cash-flow. For example, let’s say you have surplus stock, or capacity to do work for ‘trade pounds’ rather than cash, those goods and services are provided to fellow members in exchange for trade pounds, which can then be spent on buying in services from other members for yourself.

The business Bank Exchange manages the the buying and selling of goods and services on behalf of its members in a cashless environment. It is a credit and debit card system that enables businesses to access a variety of goods and services in a less competitive marketplace, offering a range of financial benefits not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems. The platform is powered by the Business Bank Exchange, which is approved by HMRC, is the largest trade exchange network in the world, operating in 11 countries other than the UK

The International Reciprocal Trade Association states that there are over 400,000 participating businesses transacting over $12 billion globally per year.

How to use your business currency account

Once you have your business currency membership card, login and password, you can login to your online account or web-app and see full details of how to spend your business currency with the above member.