Members & Membership

Our members are business owners and directors, entrepreneurs and managers working within businesses and organisations of all sizes across several industries and sectors.

Only two membership levels …

Apart from public pages which we and our members publish open to all free to access content such as blogs, news, events, etc, we have two very simple levels of access to our business and management community and all the information, advice, guidance and resources.

Individual Members

  • This level of membership is free of charge with our compliments.
  • Individual (free) members receive our occasional newsletters, updates and invitations, as well as being able to access public and register-to-read content and resources.
  • Individual members are not listed on the website. (See confidentiality & engagement panel on this page)

Pro members
Pro members can be either individuals or businesses: Pro members can;

  • access professional and premium content that is purchased in, collected and collated, and published by other pro members
  • publish their own content via our platforms to the public and members or just members
  • submit and share articles and resources to share with other members and the public at their discretion
  • add their business details to our business directory 

In addition to the premium resources available across our support platform, Pro members also receive a welcome pack worth several hundred pounds including discounted and concession access to our Special Interest Groups as well as the many networking and peer & professional support events that take place throughout the year.

Pro membership is only £10.00 per month (payable quarterly or annually)

Pro membership is not automatic and must be applied for or upgraded from basic membership. 

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Confidentiality & Engagement

As you can imagine, we have thousands of members. 

As much as we want members to engage with each other and benefit from each others knowledge and experiences, we do not publish, list or share our membership list and member details on the website/platform or even internally with members. 

However, members can choose to have their business, organisation or group listed in our Business Directory

Those members who do wish to engage with each other can do so via our special interest groups, forums, events, newsletters, etc.