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Members receive our newsletters, can connect with each other on the dedicated facebook and linkedin private groups, can access non-premium content.

At the moment this level of membership is freemium – is free of charge – with the option to upgrade, buy add-ons and access premium content at any time.

Premium Membership

Business members benefit from; business focused resources and support, being featured on the business hub, full access to the support channels, full participation in everything we do in business growth, improvement and best practice. This includes accessing and providing to each other, peer and professional support, resources, collaboration, funding, etc.

Events and activities tend to be focused on marketing, networking, best practice, entrepreneurship and business efficiency and improvement – leading to continuous improvement and growth.

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Free content    

Facebook group    

Business newsletter

Member Events    

Premium content    

Individual profile    

Business profile    

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Special interest groups    

Marketing MOT    

Discounted fuel card    

Trade currency card    

Business hub

The Campus

Access to funding and finance

Redundancy support
Mentoring Network

Discounted business insurance

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