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Members receive our newsletters, can connect with each other on the dedicated facebook and linkedin private groups, can access non-premium content.

At the moment this level of membership is freemium – is free of charge – with the option to upgrade, buy add-ons and access premium content at any time.

Premium Membership

Business members benefit from; business focused resources and support, being featured on the business hub, full access to the support channels, full participation in everything we do in business growth, improvement and best practice. This includes accessing and providing to each other, peer and professional support, resources, collaboration, funding, etc.

Events and activities tend to be focused on marketing, networking, best practice, entrepreneurship and business efficiency and improvement – leading to continuous improvement and growth.

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Business hub

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Mentoring Network

Discounted business insurance

Features & Benefits explained

We buy in resources from third parties as well as creating in-house resources with and for our members.

These resources include briefings and updates in various subjects, information and reference documents, how-to’s and guides, templates, checklists, videos, e-learning, magazines, etc. as well as organising events and activities, putting members in touch with each other, and everything else you would expect a member focused organisation to do.

The Business hub contains a number of channels and special interest groups (SIGs) for;

Each channel is run by one or more members and contains links and signposts to support, resources, help, and signposting to other members to contact in relation to each topic or area of interest. This is great for seeking hands on support from real people, commissioning work, providing your goods and services to other members, collaborating, mentoring, and so on.


  • Guaranteed new customers !
  • Increase in turnover and better bottom line
  • Up to £100,000 BBX interest free credit facility to help fund growth
  • Buying discounts of up to 85% on a mass of everyday business and personal items
  • An affiliate program where you can earn a massive passive monthly income by sharing with other members
  • Buy with confidence from a fully rated market place from previous customer experience
  • Dedicated account manager who promotes your business
  • Lock out 80% of your competitors as we have business category freeze at 20%
  • Regular local regional and national events to showcase your business

Premium members can have a trade currency credit & debit card worth £397, an app and an account manager and free of charge. This allows you to save cash and keep cash in your business, instead buying and selling goods and services with trade credit. Powered by the Business Bank Exchange this is the largest trade currency platform of its kind in the world.

This card, which comes with an unsecured and interest free line of credit, allows you to buy in goods and services in kind or ‘in exchange’ rather than take cash or capital out of your business – which has obvious advantages for cash-flow. For example, let’s say you have surplus stock, or capacity to do work for ‘trade pounds’ rather than cash, those goods and services are provided to fellow members in exchange for trade pounds, which can then be spent on buying in services from other members for yourself.

The business Bank Exchange manages the the buying and selling of goods and services on behalf of its members in a cashless environment. It is a credit and debit card system that enables businesses to access a variety of goods and services in a less competitive marketplace, offering a range of financial benefits not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems. The platform is powered by the Business Bank Exchange, which is approved by HMRC, is the largest trade exchange network in the world, operating in 11 countries other than the UK

The International Reciprocal Trade Association states that there are over 400,000 participating businesses transacting over $12 billion globally per year.

As a member you can make significant savings on your fuel bills;

  • Save money at the pump with significantly cheaper fuel
  • Save money in the office with simple VAT reclaiming
  • Save up to 5p per litre on national average prices
  • Save up to 10p on every motorway litre
  • Save time (and money) with less paperwork

Benefit from;

  • dealing with somebody who understands your business: the same real person every time
  • Your own account manager, not a call centre
  • 24/7 account access for full reports or simple queries
  • Fast, easy refuelling nationwide

Security in mind;

  • Personalised fuel cards only valid for fuel lubricants, removing theft or fraud worries. Safe, secure, simple
  • Each fuel card linked to a specific driver or vehicle
  • Custom alarms for unusual refuelling activity
  • Zero liability once fuel card loss is notified
As a member you can access the following services via The Campus to help you increase your knowledge understanding and abilities in almost all aspects of business, management and marketing;

  • business buddying
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • 1-2-1, group and online training
  • qualifications via other members who are approved third parties

The above are provided by other members and approved centres of institutes and other professional bodies.


How up to date, how current, how effective is your marketing?

As a member you can have a free Marketing MOT from one of several occupationally competent and successful marketeers.

That MOT will result in a suggested action plan for you to execute when you are ready.

This is in addition to the marketing resources to hand once you have logged in as a member.

There is a Q&A section below. If there is anything else you would like explained that hasn’t been covered simply drop us a line at admin(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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Sorry, not in the first year. You can pay monthly from your first anniversary.

We’ve had a few unsavoury characters join us, harvest everything of value and then cancel their payments. Bearing in mind we are lean and a not-for-profit organisation that buys in the resources, usually up-front, this causes unnecessary and costly additional admin which wastes time and money.

Yes. According to HMRC your subscriptions are completely tax deductible.
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