More online tax return computation glitches discovered

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If you intend on filing your self-assessment tax return for 2016/17 sooner rather than later, then you may run into trouble. In April 2017, HMRC highlighted a number of situations in which its tax calculation software is calculating the incorrect amount of tax when tax returns are submitted online using its own or third party software. Most of the errors are due to the complexities of the interaction between the dividend allowance, the savings starting rate, the personal savings allowance and the personal allowance.

HMRC has also identified a further five situations in which its tax calculation software is coming up with the wrong result (see numbers 59 to 62 on the self-assessment individual exclusions for online filing). For example, error 60 states that a customer who is required to complete a capital gains page will not be able to do so online if the net gain/loss is £0.

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