Welcome to The Peer Support Network

The network that focuses on its members and providing them with platforms of opportunity to continue with success and growth in their business or organisation.

Members, like knights of the round table, come together from different industries and build trust and respect through sharing their knowledge and experience at a  facilitated monthly meeting, and access to online information hubs, benefitting from the growth of business relationships and finding the support required to commit to working ‘on’ their business in a non-judgemental, confidential platform. Each platform drives members forward to achieving success over burning business issues and committing to practical actions that will move them towards success and become a source of learning and development for all our members.

The Peer Support Network (PSN) is unique as it works in every scenario where a commitment to learning, collaboration and growth are a priority. Every member has equal importance and it focusses on the sharing of the knowledge that they bring, proving the most cost effective and efficient way to build your skills as an individual and professional, and deal with the challenges that we all face today in our businesses and professional lives.

How will you benefit from active membership of the network?
  • to develop you as an individual professionally
  • to grow your relationships and collaborations with your colleagues and peers
  • to develop your business or organisation
  • to build trusted strategic business alliances
  • access to other members via the online network hub
  • to look at capacity building to ensure your business into the future
You will be doing this through…
  • Learning and sharing with a network of knowledgeable and experienced peers
  • Building your own network of trusted supporters
  • Staying one step ahead of your customers and competitors,
  • Working more time and cost effectively
  • Continuously improving on best practice
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Action learning
You choose which format

Enterprise groups are made up of individuals from many different businesses, sectors and disciplines, who work together to impact and improve themselves and their own individual businesses/organisations and to help their peers in the group to achieve at the same time.


Corporate groups are internal to a business or organisation and is made up of selected peer group staff and managers who work together in a facilitated and directed manner to impact and improve their business/organisation

Both groups have some common elements

  • They are facilitated by a group leader who is a member of the Peer Support Network Facilitators team
  • Access to the group’s online platform for information access, sharing, discussion and more
  • A monthly meeting where members share knowledge, skills and best practice
  • Opportunities for capacity building
How will the network support you?
Face to face

Monthly workshops
Micro-groups with 2 or more members working together on projects
1-2-1’s with each other
access to a dedicated adviser/coach/mentor/specialist


Access to subject matter experts
Access to other members
Access to resources and information in the support hub

Case Studies & Testimonials
“Being a start up sole trader is a very lonely life. You are hopefully an expert in your subject but there are so many aspects to business that it would be impossible to be an expert in them all. What makes ‘Peer Support Network’ stand out from all those networking organisations? The majority of networking clubs are focussed on generating customers. This is no bad thing. The PSN’s focus is on improving your business, which has a wider focus than just generating customers. The network adheres to ‘Chatham House Rules’ philosophy. One is encouraged to bring problems or issues to the meeting for discussion. You then receive a wide range of advice from your peers. As a business owner you soon identify those who are givers and those that are receivers. It is easy to build up a trusting relationship with those that are givers. The more you put into the network the more you get out of it. Consequently, you establish a strong and trusting business relationship. Something I was never able to do through networking clubs. I think the PSN is an absolute gem, and the lady who developed the concept a genius. It was always in my diary as a mandatory must attend.” Ruscombe Smyth-Pigott, Partner at UHURU Productions
I’m impressed. This was my first workshop, I’ve met some very interesting meeting, I’ve saved about a thousands pounds for advice I would normally have to pay for, and saving time too. Andrew Davis, start-up in the healthcare industry
A complete no-brainer for us as far as our members are concerned. As managers and business people, whether we be younger graduates or older and experienced, we all have a great deal to learn from each other – knowledge and understanding, hows and wheres, do’s and dont’s. Here we have a peer-based cross-mentoring development and support programme that is affordable, self sustaining and extremely valuable in terms of time saved and business growth from the outcomes. Daniel Carey, Chair of the Chartered Management Institute’s Wessex Members Network.
PSN helped me tremendously in my early days with great connections and friendships being made from the group, some amazingly helpful advice from those who had been there and got the t-shirt. But it is not just for starters, the continued trust I put in those people and others I meet who are actively trying to better themselves and their businesses is phenomenal and to be involved in that environment is infectious. Surround yourself with those on the same journey and you will succeed together. PSN epitomizes that! Aaron Barker
“This group is the perfect complement to networking with peer to peer support. It serves as both to introduce the newcomer with support and advice from ‘old hands’ to bringing new and fresh ideas from the ‘newcomers’. When setting up my business 5 years ago, this group served as a grounding point and a place to confidentially and safely test ideas, in the knowledge that there are no bad ideas, just sometimes ideas that need tweaking. I would not hesitate in recommending this group to anyone that genuinely wants to progress their business and help others” Glenda Edroff
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