Reforming the business rates appeal process

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The news recently has been full of unfortunate cases illustrating the consequenses of the up and coming business rates review in April this year. Simon Jack, business editor at the BBC says: “Although many businesses are expecting small falls in business rates in April, around a third are expecting very sharp …

productivity with Hemmingway webapp

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Hemingway Do you have anyone to proofread your blog content after you are done with it? No? Don’t worry, here’s a cool resource that will check the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation and sentence fragmentation of your content and highlight the errors so that you can rectify them. Give it …

Don’t be like Goeff

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Thousands of people have lost their life savings after falling for a pension scam Don’t be next Scammers are after your pension pot. They know you can now access your savings in new ways and will try to lure you with promises of upfront cash and one-off ‘deals’ with guaranteed …

Pension scams are still ongoing

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“Be very wary if you are offered a ‘free pension review’ out of the blue and especially if you are then encouraged to move your pension to get better returns or release cash sums.” The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are aware that people are being contacted unexpectedly and offered a …

Making meetings more productive with this one addon

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For most of us in business and management, meetings they are a significant part of our working week, often taking up 40 to 50% of our time. There are many helpful suggestions out there for improving the value of meetings, such as keeping them short and ‘on point’, only relevant attendees, and sticking to a strict agenda.

VAT Flat Rate Scheme changing

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I trade through a limited company which is registered for VAT under the Flat Rate Scheme. I have heard that the VAT Flat Rate Scheme is being changed from next year. What are these changes and how will they effect my business?

Business Tools Collection

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As business owners, managers and leaders, we need tools to help us collaborate, communicate, promote our products, engage with and support our colleagues, team members, peers and customers, and support our customers. This section lists a number of useful, if not essential tools and how these tools can help us