The Factory – Upcycling and training by BCHA

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Many thanks to Lorna Trent, fund-raising manager at BCHA for such an interesting tour of the new social enterprise centre at Alder Hills in Poole. Of particular interest was “The Factory” an upcycling retail warehouse selling everything from a spare gear lever for your bike through to pallet wood furniture …

21st Century Healthcare

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Whilst the NHS remains a ‘national treasure’ and fantastic in so many ways, recent years have brought increasing pressure on the original vision of providing an ever-expanding range of healthcare services, freely delivered to all. With a growing funding gap, rapidly increasing population and demand on NHS services, and slipping waiting …

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Dorset Business Angels are delighted to announce the start of the new investment season. We will be hosting a special investors dinner event with exclusive use of Oscar’s Restaurant at the Royal Bath Hotel in the centre of Bournemouth. There are only 20 places in total for self-certified investors only*. 

In Business and wearing jeans

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The world no longer defines successful businesspeople by their suit and ties. Today we live in a world where any entrepreneur can create a successful, profitable, enjoyable business in whatever style suits him or her the best. And hey, if putting on a suit and heading for your corporate office …

Health and Safety minister Mark Harper calls for an end to organisations using regulations as a “smoke screen”.

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Apparently, around 300 complaints have been made to the HSE’s ‘myth buster’ panel about seemingly ridiculous rules. The panel, which was created by the Government to expose misuse of the ‘health and safety’ tag, says that the health and safety laws have been used to ban donkey rides on beaches and …

What is Networking?

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“Recently, when enjoying a bit of professional networking over breakfast with our professional networking partner and friend “The Boardroom Network“, the question was raised by one or two networking virgins “what is networking?” Joannah Bishop stood up and gave us an excellent two minute briefing in her inimitable style” When you think …

How to burn 500 calories at your desk

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Get those abdominals working: How to burn 500 calories at your desk  By burning up to 500 calories a day, staff can burn 2,500 calories a week, or 130,000 a year – the equivalent of 429 cheeseburgers. ‘Busy office workers who don’t have time to hit the gym can still …