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Many thanks to Richard Winterbourne of ABT (Addition Behavioural Therapies) for an interesting insight into how we behave and communicate at work. Despite the projector dying, Richard used, with examples, the P.A.C. model of Transactional Analysis Effective Communication to illustrate how we communicate with each other in the workplace, doing do from the position of being a parent, an adult or a child. Richards slides are at the bottom of this article.

Richard and ABT are all about regaining control of your behaviours and addictions.
If you think you have have an addiction, even slight, you’re not alone – one in three of us are addicted to something.

Common addictions

When you abuse alcohol, you continue to drink even though you know your drinking is causing problems. If you continue to abuse alcohol, it can lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is also called alcoholism. You are physically or mentally addicted to alcohol. You have a strong need, or craving, to drink.

Drug and substance abuse
In reality, drug and substance addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will. In fact, because drugs change the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug and substance abuse, quitting is difficult, even for those who are ready to do so.

Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder. Compulsive gamblers can’t control the impulse to gamble, even when they know their gambling is hurting themselves or their loved ones. Gambling is all they can think about and all they want to do, no matter the consequences.

Sex and Love
Sexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Like all addictions, its negative impact on the addict and on family members increases as the disorder progresses. Over time, the addict usually has to intensify the addictive behavior to achieve the same results. Love addicts live in a chaotic world of desperate need and emotional despair. Fearful of being alone or rejected, love addicts endlessly search for that special someone – the person that will make the addict feel whole. Ironically, love addicts oftentimes have had numerous opportunities for the truly intimate experience they think they want. But they are much more strongly attracted to the intense experience of “falling in love” than they are to the peaceful intimacy of healthy relationships.

Preoccupation to the point of obsession with sexual imagery. Porn addicts typically spend at least 11 hours per week searching for and looking at pornography. Sometimes they dedicate double or even triple that amount of time. One of the key features of addiction, is the development of a tolerance to the addictive substance. In the way that drug addicts need increasingly larger doses to get high, porn addicts need to see more and more extreme material to feel the same level of excitement they first experienced.

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