Business and management Wessex is all about peer and professional support – the whole organisation is essentially one large peer and professional support network with several thousand members across Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire.

We have been running a number of face to face peer support group meetings since 2010. They are not networking or lead generation meetings, we don’t partake of full English breakfasts and lunches, we don’t swap business cards, or do one-minute introductions, or stuff like that – that is not why we meet every month. There are many excellent networking groups and business clubs in Wessex that we recommend membership of. We’ve noticed several networking clubs are now using words like peer support instead of networking since we published our emphasis on business and management support and not networking and lead generation – fair play to them, we don’t mind if we were copied – the more support that local business owners and managers have access to, the better.

We like to think that our peer support membership is different, it is a collection of members at different levels of management, business administration and ownership in differing industries, who recognise the benefit of learning from their peers, avoiding the mistakes that others have made, sharing and learning from success and lessons learned, and benefit from shared best practice and access to current knowledge, information and resources. To this end we have regular meetings supplemented by access to many thousands of pounds worth of online resources, knowledge transfer and forums, with access to subject matter experts on demand”

If you are interested in joining one of our face to face peer support groups and meet other members to learn and share then please drop us a line, we will be pleased to hear from you and will get you a place on the meetings as soon as we can. We will get in touch with you regarding costs and commitment and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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