Pier – sorry – Peer Support on the Waterfront

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Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to the peer support discussion this morning after what I think is the best breakfast in town, at the Waterfront Club. The mix of successful business owners, professionals,  and those coming into business for the first time made for interesting conversation.

As well as catching up with how well the Big Green Event in Southampton went last month, we also talked about;

  • “disruptors” business model is the new players in the market upsetting the established way of doing things
  • The customer experience journey – why and how one should work back from what the customer wants to determine what you are going to sell
  • The importance of partnership and shareholder agreements and the cost of getting it wrong
  • Is having the all seeing all being website the answer? or is something missing?
  • The “we can do anything and everything” approach by web designers – our experiences are indicating otherwise.

This morning, not a single business card was swapped, not a single pitch was made but we came away having made new connections, learned new stuff, made follow-up appointments for generating new business and planted the seeds for more business opportunities between us over the coming months.


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