Personal insolvency figures soar

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Dorothy Brown of Even Keel Financial points out that personal insolvencies are increasing – up 22% in fact. 22,500 people became insolvent this spring, despite a strong jobs market and recovering economy.

According to Insolvency Service data , 22,503 people went insolvent across England and Wales in the second quarter of 2016, marking a 22 per cent increase compared with the same period in 2015 and a 7 per cent upswing compared with the previous quarter,

The latest figures mean that over the past 12 months, one in every 541 adults became insolvent – an increase for the first time in two years, the service warned.

Personal insolvencies are made up of bankruptcies, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and debt relief orders (DROs).

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Dorothy Brown at Even Keel Financial

Our comment – It’s best to deal with this situation preemptively before ‘it’ hits the fan.

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