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Formerly premium secure password management company “LastPass” is making its password manager a much better option for people who don’t want to pay – It’s now open to everyone the ability to sync passwords between an unlimited number of devices — something that used to be available only to premium subscribers.

Free users were previously limited to syncing LastPass to a single app, which is limiting in a world where you very possibly need to access those passwords across multiple PCs, a phone, and a tablet. Now, there are no longer any big restrictions on the free version of LastPass!

Like other password managers, LastPass can be used to generate strong and unique passwords, keep track of which sites and services they belong to, and then enter them when needed. LastPass stores all passwords in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere. That makes syncing simple, although that potentially opens the service up to some security concerns over this and all other similar services as well.

Nevertheless, using LastPass or any other password manager is going to be a significant step forward for most people when it comes to security. There have been a number of hacks that have hit the headlines recently, hacks that have compromised usernames and passwords from major sites. The big plus for security here is that using a good password manager lets you use a different password in every location, minimizing the potential fallout of a password leaking out. Password managers might be initially a bit of a hassle to start using compared to typing in a single memorized password, but for extra security, convenience and time saving once in use, it’s well worth the effort.

Features and Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of using a good password manager

  • Unlimited password storage
    Once you save a password in your password manager you’ll always have it when you need it so logging in is faster and easier.
  • Keeping secure digital records
    Insurance Cards memberships the WiFi pass keep all your notes safe and easy to find
  • Simplify online shopping
    When you’re ready to make a purchase your profile will fill all your payment and shipping details for you
  • Effortless password sharing
    Some things should not be sent in a text conveniently and safely share passwords all notes with anyone
  • Take it everywhere with you
    Save your password once and it’s instantly available on all your devices your password manager there is everywhere you do
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