Salary Sacrifice: New Guidance

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HMRC has clarified the transitional rules for salary sacrifice arrangements, which are less generous than they first seemed. Recap on the transitional rules Look out for the trap Variations Payroll implications Premium & Pro members: Login to your members intranet for the full rundown, comments and links to specialist guidance. The …

Making Tax Digital shelved

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Making Tax Digital (MTD) shelved! The Treasury has removed 72 of the 136 clauses from the Finance Bill so that they could get it through Parliament before it is dissolved ahead of the General Election. Amongst the key proposals that have been shelved are plans to ‘Make Tax Digital’ by forcing …

New tax forum for start-ups

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An online forum for start ups and small business owners has been launched by HMRC. The Small Business Forum is divided into three categories: starting your business, growing your business and managing your business. Registered forum users can post questions about filing tax returns, paying tax and using HMRC’s digital …

VAT Flat Rate Scheme changing

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I trade through a limited company which is registered for VAT under the Flat Rate Scheme. I have heard that the VAT Flat Rate Scheme is being changed from next year. What are these changes and how will they effect my business?

New rules re termination payments

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The Government isn’t introvert in its message about needing to be tighter in the way it manages and collects tax. Under the label of “simplifications” and “removing unfairness from the system” it is raising taxes by revising the rules for tax on lump sum payments to employees.  You need to login …

HMRC’s post 31st Jan penalties

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Your 2014-15 tax return was due for filing by 31st January 2016 in order to avoid any penalties. If you still haven’t filed your 2014-15 tax return you will now be racking up some quite hefty penalties. And the penalties you’ll be liable to are as follows: Not filed online …

VAT mistakes and the HMRC

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We all make mistakes, and when it comes to VAT returns, despite our best efforts, mistakes can still happen. Obviously we want to be as accurate as possible, correct the mistakes and avoid fines. But what is the best way to do that? You need to login to view the rest …