Be safe, be on top of Product Recalls

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Faulty products can put your health, safety and even your life at risk, but keeping up with product recalls usually entails continuously looking out for an easily missed announcement in the press, online, etc.  Product Recall is a new Government website that brings together new and past announcements about various product recalls….

Who should lead the organisational change?

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In January 2015 the car carrier Hoegh Osaka capsized after leaving Southampton. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) opened an investigation into the accident. Its report into the incident was published on 17 March 2016. (Extract from Wikipedia article) “The investigation found that plans for the loading of the cargo had not …

How to make you and your organisation safe(r)

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Some thoughts about how to make you and your organisation safe(r): Safety is what we do and not a series of projects and initiatives. Be safe! Do positive things, think positive thoughts; don’t just use negative ideas. Add something that enhances safety. Don’t just do ‘Stop’, ‘Prevent’ etc. Don’t strive …