The risks of pre-scheduled social media posts

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Web-Apps like Buffer make it extremely easy to write your content in advance, save and schedule it to be published on the various social media channels at dates in the future. However, should you automate social media postings in advance using various online scheduling tools?

Well, Yes and No.

It is very much worthwhile scheduling social media content but you can’t just leave it to run and run without monitoring. Things change and you need to be ready to pull scheduled messages if they become inappropriate. You also need to look at the calendar and use some common sense when picking what to say and when to say it.

Scheduled social media marketing with a specialist partner

Paul Hughes and his team at 3D Marketing Solutions take into account annual events and current affairs when scheduling content. they keep an eye on what’s happening in the real world and do not hesitate to pull or amend content according to events.

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