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“The feature wall is dead, long live the Feature Wall.”

The Feature Wall trend has been with us 10-15 years now, and you’ll often see homes, hotels and restaurants designed with a single wall in a bold colour or dramatic wallpaper, offset with paler or plainer walls.

People often ask if the feature wall has had its day..

I say feature walls are more than just a trend, and here’s why.

Feature walls create contrast and drama and can change the shape of a room.

By painting walls in contrasting colours of different intensities of the same colour you can make a wall or ceiling advance or recede and adjust for how natural light fills a space. You can draw attention to a feature such as a chimney breast or alcove with contrasting paint. Dulux have a Feature Wall paint range, (my favourites are ‘Urban Obsession’ – a rich dark grey, and ‘Teal Tension’, a beautiful jewel-toned matt paint), but you can of course experiment with standard colours. Bring a touch of boldness to a neutral scheme with a taupe wall contrasted with pale cream or off white.

Feature walls are cost effective.

Wallpapers vary in cost dramatically and there are so many incredible designs and products to choose from, some may well be a stretch for your budget. This is where just papering one wall with a really gorgeous or bold paper can make a huge impact. Why compromise and choose something you don’t completely love, so you can decorate all four wall? Many wallpapers are eye-wateringly expensive (or just eye-watering!) when used on all walls in a room, so feature walls have been a very popular and cost-effective way of adding a focal point to a room.

Feature walls allow you to be more daring

Why not go for a chalkboard paint, a mural or allow the kids to decorate one wall of their playroom or bedrooms with their own art work? By balancing one wall of creativity with calmer plain walls you create visual balance – and boundaries.

Murals are generally designed just for one wall and there are some incredible effects ranging from large scale art works, photographs or even trompe l’oeil.

There is a little snobbery within the Interior Design world, with many saying feature walls are out of fashion, or a little passe.

Like the fashion industry, interior design relies on change, newness and innovation (although on a longer cycle). But really I’m going to stick my neck out and say that feature walls are hanging around a while longer.

Some colours and patterns just aren’t meant to be used on every wall. A whacky or very strong colour on every wall may add wow factor for a bar or restaurant or browsing a cool shop, but could be hard to live with day, in day out in your front room.

So I say, to hell with fashion, if you want a mural, a jewel-encrusted wallpaper or fancy a shot of orange on just one wall, go for it!

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