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The latest report by Ofcom shows that, for the first time, smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most important device for UK-based users to access the web on. In the wake of Google’s “mobilegeddon”, what does this mean for your business?

Mobile Britain: the rise of smartphones

Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report shows that 33% of UK internet users consider smartphones to be their most important device when accessing the internet. Laptops are now in second place with 30% – down from 40% a year ago. A full breakdown of how device preferences have changed over the past three years is shown in the following chart:

Chart showing the device preferences for accessing the internet - mobilegeddon occurred this year
Taken from the Ofcom CMR 2015 full chart pack

This increase can be attributed in part to the increased availability of 4G mobile services – now with over 89% coverage across the UK.

Smartphones and tablets together represent the choice of over half of UK internet users – overtaking the more traditional laptops and desktops (total: 44%) for the first time. So if your website isn’t already touch-screen friendly, you could be losing valuable potential customers.

What’s more, Google has reported that mobile search queries have overtaken those from PCs in 10 territories,including US and Japan.

Mobilegeddon: Google penalises websites that aren’t mobile-friendly

Since April 21, 2015, Google has been factoring mobile accessibility of websites into its search rankings. This means that if your website isn’t easy to use on a standard smartphone or tablet, your search ranking is likely to go down. This update is commonly known as “Mobilegeddon”.

And it’s not just about moving the blocks around on the screen. You also need to make sure that the text is large enough to read and the links are big enough to use. By big enough to use, think about this: when you click from your mouse pointer, you’re looking at a single pixel on the screen; mobile links need to work with the touch of a finger (that takes up a much larger space) without getting confused about which link you want to access.

And these requirements are making a big difference to search listings. Adobe recently reported that search traffic to non-mobile-friendly websites has dropped by 10%. This demonstrates the impact of “mobilegeddon”.

If your company relies on its website for new business, could you really afford to lose out on that 10%?

Time for a new mobile-friendly website?

If you’re not sure if your site is mobile-friendly, test it with Google’s Mobile-friendly tool.

If it fails and you’d like some help getting your site in shape then get in touch with 3D Marketing Solutions by phone on 03300 011218

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Paul Hughes 3DMS

Paul is the MD of 3D Marketing Solutions, a marketing service that specialises in helping SMEs to grow their businesses. Most companies’ marketing goals fit into one of three categories:

  1. Increase visibility and awareness of your business.
  2. Turn online traffic into paying customers.
  3. Increase sales to existing and past customers.

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