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I love my diary it is my friend, my confidant, trainer, mentor, reminder, archive and stress reliever. Thank you Rex! Rex is our painter who gave it to me for Christmas. I thought, I don’t need another diary. I use an electronic one. This was a page a day diary. But I thought, why not put down what I do each day and thoughts for the day. After just two months it is the best thing I have done for years. Let me tell you why.

It is not a Blog
I do blogs, and they are a valuable tool for us. A way to share ideas and tips to help people. Originally blogs or  “web logs” were, I think sort of whimsical in their nature. But now most people produce very business-like and focused blogs. Mine certainly aims to be, and I hope clients and readers enjoy and get value from them. We even have a page: Digital with blog tips.

It’s for me!
It is for me, not for anyone else. So I don’t worry about what I put. Actually, I do! Because, as years go by, I recognise I want to improve all the time. But it’s great having a personal conversation, a bit like the beginning of an old Hollywood film when you hear the voice-over introduction.

What’s important comes first
In January I wrote sequentially, ie this morning, we did xyz, then…but now, I write about what was important, sometimes ideas and thoughts or just one thing and nothing else. Who cares! It’s up to me!

Stress reliever
And the freedom to write whatever you want, is so cathartic, it is enjoyable and whilst I do make it a discipline to write every day or at worst catch up within two days, so I do not forget: I find it very relaxing.

An excellent archive
I am pretty organised running our business, with all manner of online tools, it is part of our business to be digitally and social media aware, but a diary is also a great backstop and archive. I can refer back to it to know what we did on a particular day. I don’t record items religiously, but there’s certainly a good chance!

A To Do Tool
I use it flexibly too, so if I am writing in bed, which I sometimes do, I can note down something to do next day.

If you keep a diary, you may well relate. If not, you probably think this guy needs certifying. Well possibly, and now you have the written proof…


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